Wholesale Sports ceases operations effective immediately


The sporting goods chain announced the closure of all 12 locations across Canada this morning

Wholesale Sports, a sporting goods retailer in western Canada has announced the closure of all locations this morning.

According to a statement released by its company, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative (UFA), Wholesale will be conducting an “orderly wind down and eventual closure of its 12 retail locations in the four western Canadian provinces”.

Corporate and warehouse personnel were laid off this morning, according to a Reddit user who worked at the Wholesale Sports head office.

“I worked in the Wholesale Sports head office until I was let go until about 3 hours ago,” they wrote. “We were told about this this morning, yes its all 12 stores.”

“This was an all-inclusive business decision that, while difficult, was made in the best interest of UFA on behalf of our members,” said Carol Kitchen, UFA President and Chief Executive Officer.

“There were numerous external factors that led to this decision including an increasingly competitive environment, the continued shift to on-line purchases and an overall slowing of consumer discretionary spending as a whole, including the outdoor industry. The orderly wind down of Wholesale Sports will allow UFA to focus on its core business of agriculture and petroleum,” she continued.

“We thoroughly appreciate the loyalty from both our customers and Wholesale Sports employees and wish to sincerely thank each of them for their support and service over the years.”

For many the news comes as no surprise, with larger international sporting goods chains such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop  – who acquired the former last year – taking much of their business. “Can’t say I’m surprised. Since Cabela’s moved into town, WSS has been pretty empty” said Adriel Michaud, better known as The Hunting Gear Guy and the author of the website of the same name, on his HGG Facebook page.

Inventory liquidation sales are scheduled to start tomorrow, beginning at each location’s regular store hours, and are expected to last until December 28, 2017 or until inventory is gone.

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