Black Creek Labs acquires North Eastern Arms


Black Creek Labs has acquired North Eastern Arms and key machining supplier

According to a press released made via South Frontenac Rental Centre’s Facebook page, Black Creek Labs has acquired North Eastern Arms and one of NEA’s key machining suppliers.

The release, which describes Black Creek Labs as “a boutique Canadian Defense contractor”, announces that the acquisition “has dramatically increased the resources allocated to research and development, which is already evident with the opening of a new headquarters and testing facility and multiple new products featuring some first-to-market innovations.”

“This group of people share our dedication to continuous improvement and the result so far has been outstanding. Our new modernized manufacturing processes and additional resources have allowed us to develop several new generation products which will be released at industry leading competitive prices,” Jeff Hussey, founder of North Eastern Arms, said.

Per the release Black Creek Labs will be focusing on “equipping today’s law enforcement officer and the modern war fighter through new collaborations, expanded R&D and innovative new product design. Our dedication to creating more reliable, lighter and more accurate rifles has also directly translated to new features dedicated to the Canadian Commercial Market.”

With increased quantity and quality of resources, and the direct ability to machine their own products, one can presumably expect not only an increase in the reliability and quality but also an increased output capacity – meaning the Canadian market could potentially see the NEA-102 (or now the BCL-102) be hitting stores in greater numbers.


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