DT News: Governor General reflects on first year in office, HMCS Harry DeWolf and the Canadian International Sniper Concentration



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(S) Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette, recently celebrated her first year in office as the 29th Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada since Confederation.

We spoke with Her Excellency to learn more as she enters the second year of her mandate.

(S) So what has been your experience as commander-in-chief over the past year?

(Her Excellency) I’ve been very privileged. I have already visited all elements in different bases in Canada and I’ve even had a chance to visit some of our troops abroad. And every single time, I have the chance to see our men and women in uniform, but also their families, I really take the time. It’s a real privilege.

(S) And what are your goals for the upcoming year?

(Her Excellency) Really, it’s the goal for the mandate, I will and hopefully go to every single base and outlet for the Canadian Forces. And do train with them as well a little bit.

(S) And what has been your impression of the Canadian Armed Forces?

(Her Excellency) Well, fortunately, with my previous job, I’ve worked with the Canadian Forces many times, particularly with the Air Force, but not exclusively. We did some training in Valcartier when I was an astronaut for Winter Survival Training. So, I’ve had many opportunities, even my pilot wings with Canadian Air Force. So, my heart is there with every single one of them and I’m so privileged to be able to go and visit them all and embark in every possible moving vehicle we can find.

(S) Thank you very much.

(Her Excellency) Pleasure.

(D) The Royal Canadian Navy’s first Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship 430 was officially named Harry DeWolf during a recent ceremony at the Halifax Shipyard in Nova Scotia.

The future Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Harry DeWolf was named in honour of wartime Canadian naval hero, Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf.

The future Harry DeWolf-class patrol ships will bolster the RCN’s presence in the Arctic and extend its reach in remote regions. In addition to its main role to patrol and surveil our waters, the ships will participate in international operations, such as anti-smuggling, humanitarian assistance or international security and stability.

As part of Strong, Secure, Engaged – Canada’s Defence Policy, the delivery of the first of the Harry DeWolf-class patrol ship is expected in Summer 2019.

(D) Before we go, the 20th Annual Canadian International Sniper Concentration recently took place at 5th Canadian Support Base Gagetown.

(S) Military snipers from all over the world participated in this training event, aimed at further developing operational capabilities related to sniper-specific skills sets.

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