One Shot Tactical Pistol Operators Course – VSM. Vancouver Island: April 14-15


Firearms instructor Earl Green of Phase Line Green Tactical working with One Shot Tactical’s training division recently held a Pistol Operators Course on Vancouver Island. As the only approved firearms instructor teaching the Vickers Shooting Method outside of the United States, Earl and his training is highly sought after all across Canada.

Eric Tong a local photographer attended the course and managed to take a several photos over it’s duration. He was kind enough to forward some of them to us for your viewing pleasure, we are grateful and think they turned out great. Perhaps this will act as a primer and finally convince those that have been hesitant to sign up for one of Earl’s courses or one of the many other companies and instructors nice enough to be offering this type of high quality training in Canada.

You can view all Eric’s photos in the complete album on his website here.