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Earl Green recently told us about his new training operations. We wanted to wait until we got the full official word before brining this to you. Here is what he’s sent us about Phase Line Green Tactical.

Phase Line Green Tactical provides training to police, military and private security teams regarding the safe and lawful use of force, firearms, tactics, urban operations, anti-terrorism operations, workplace anti-violence strategy, school anti-violence strategy and response as well as conflict resolution. We also provide training to civilians in the safe and lawful use of firearms for recreation, competition, hunting and enjoyment.

Phase Line Green Tactical instructors are former or current police use of force instructors with certifications from accredited law enforcement training venues. The courses we offer include: Basic & Advanced Pistol, Basic, Advanced and Tactical Carbine, Shotgun and CZ-858 Operator, Use of Force and Specialized Training. Phase Line Green Tactical is also capable of tailoring courses to meet the needs of a particular organization or group.

Earl Green 

Earl Green, the owner and operator of Phase Line Green Tactical, is a certified use of force and firearms trainer who has received training from prestigious schools across the US and Canada. He has attended training with Sigarms, H&K, Monadnock, ASP, the Ontario Police College and various private firms and he was fortunate to be selected as an adjunct instructor for the Sigarms Academy. He is also the only Canadian who has been certified by Larry Vickers as an instructor for the Vickers’ Shooting Method.

Earl is a former member of one of Canada’s largest police services where he served 13 years in a variety of policing roles.

His service includes uniform patrol, uniform supervision, use of force and firearms training, tactical training, specialized training development and delivery, executive protection and criminal investigations. He was highly involved in the testing and evaluation of various firearms, equipment and munitions for his service and he participated in the development of regular and specialized training.

Earl left policing to embark on new opportunities in nuclear protection and, in that capacity; he served as a nuclear response team sergeant, firearms/ tactical trainer and equipment T&E specialist.

Earl is also highly involved in IPSC and IDPA shooting where he competes at a high level.

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