Why I give: Chris Henderson, 2018 NDWCC Champion


I give because it makes a difference in people’s lives.

As a child who grew up watching my grandmother wither away and die from ALS, I know the cost that debilitating diseases can have on a family. I also know, that organizations committed to helping those suffering from the most debilitating diseases, make a fundamental difference in people’s lives.

That experience is one reason why I have been involved with the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) from the beginning of my career with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and throughout my years in the public service. I know how important these funds are to charitable organizations and to the people whose lives are made better because of them.

Working with the allocations committee of the United Way of Greater Victoria when I was with the Royal Canadian Navy in Esquimalt, I saw first-hand the seriousness of the deliberations that go into how precious funds are directed to those organizations dedicated to helping others. This made me confident that we really were making a difference.

More recently, I’ve seen the tangible benefit to people right here in Ottawa whose difficult lives were made a little easier by the donation of hundreds of pairs of warm socks for the winter through the generosity of public servants. Something as simple as socks, which most of us take for granted, can be a game changer for the homeless in Canada.

It matters, that’s why I give.

You can support the charity of your choice using e-pledge, a secure online platform, or through the forms distributed by your National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign (NDWCC) rep. To find the charity that matters to you, please visit the Canadian Revenue Agency’s website. I encourage you to consider supporting one of the many charities that support CAF members and their families.

The support you give to the NDWCC campaign makes a difference in people’s lives. Last year, the Defence Team generously came together to support Canadian charities for a total of $3.6 million dollars. I invite you to be part of this year’s campaign and stand shoulder to shoulder as colleagues, as communities and as Canadians.

Chris Henderson

2018 NDWCC Champion