DT News: the Canadian Surface Combatant, nominations for the CAF Sports Awards, and results of the 2018 PSES



(J) In this episode, we feature a key milestone for the Canadian Surface Combatant…

(S) … open nominations for the 2019 CAF Sports Awards…

(J)….and receive the results of the 2018 Public Service Employee Survey.

The Canadian Surface Combatant recently selected the final design and design team for the construction of their ships, expected to begin in the early 2020s.

Like the frigates they will eventually replace, these ships will form the backbone of Canada’s naval fleet.

The occasion was marked by a ministerial event in Halifax at the Irving Shipyard. Work now begins on modifications to the Royal Canadian Navy’s specific needs, with first delivery expected in the mid-2020s.

These highly adaptable ships will be ready to change missions quickly and respond to evolving and emerging threats.

(S) Nominations for the 2019 CAF Sports Awards are now open.

This annual awards ceremony honours athletic excellence in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Athletes, coaches and officials, serving and retired, are recognized for their outstanding athletic performances or remarkable contributions to sport.

A new award will be presented at this year’s ceremony to also recognize civilian contribution to CAF sports.

For more information on how to nominate someone, visit the related link.

Before we go, results from the 2018 Public Service Employee Survey are now available.

The results of the survey provide valuable information that will help the organization continue to build healthy, respectful, and supportive work environments for all employees.

(J) Check out the related links for the public service-wide results and keep an eye out for specific National Defence responses available on March 7th.

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