Defence Data Strategy: What you need to know


Click here to download the placemat (PDF, 2.24 MB.)

The Defence Team has joined modern organizations throughout the world that recognize the important role that data plays in improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

In a world where the nature of conflict is expanding beyond the traditional domains of land, air and sea, the first-ever Defence Data Strategy will enable us to expand and enhance operational capabilities, using data-driven technologies such as autonomous vehicles and robotics, virtual reality and simulations, biometrics and advanced/predictive analytics.

Technological advances have made our ships, land vehicles, and aircraft into data platforms, and we can now put data at our fingertips as we make real-time operational decisions.

To implement the data strategy, Defence is making changes in four key areas:

  • Data management: We will adopt consistent enterprise approaches to data management, providing an increased information advantage for Defence Team members, and allowing them to operate effectively and safely in the world.
  • Data tools and environment: We will provide the appropriate data management tools and policies, increasing the Defence Team’s agility in delivering new and enhanced data-driven capabilities.
  • Data literacy: We will increase data literacy through training and strategic staffing to ensure that the Defence Team has the skills to find, evaluate, understand and use data to create value for DND/CAF.
  • Data culture: We will create a culture with accountability for data quality and a natural drive for using data in the delivery of Defence programs.

For more information, visit the Data Strategy Intranet page.