ADM(Fin) employee awarded for innovative contributions to NATO board


Mr. André Joannette, Director NATO Defence Support, from Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance), has been recognized as a catalyst for progressing discussions within the NATO Resource Policy and Planning Board (RPPB).

André’s ability to think twice, sometimes outside the box, and challenge the status quo has helped the RPPB move forward. This quality is essential when responding to interesting and valid questions that require solutions outside the norm. The RPPB appreciates the new ideas that André so frequently contributes, which demonstrate his interest and engagement.

Each year, the NATO RPPB presents an award to a national representative. The recipient must have enriched the board’s discussions with a fresh and innovative approach with a focus on international interests. The award was created in 2013 as a tribute to a former Canadian representative. We are proud to announce that this year, another Canadian has fulfilled these criteria.

Please join us in congratulating André on winning this award!