NFA Advisory For Black Rifle Owners/Users


Borrowed this from a post by the National Firearms Association over on CGN.

There has been some speculation on what might be legislatively possible in regards to the massive Conservative win on Monday.

This is the best set of conditions for firearms law reform that has existed in Canada since the current concept of “gun control” manifested itself 40 years ago.

Classification, regulation, restriction and firearms prohibition have all been cornerstone initiatives of every gun control law of every Ottawa government that has legislated on the issue.

The civil disarmament lobby has and will continue to make a case that while all firearms should continue to be severely restricted in Canadian society, some have no legitimate use and are too dangerous for Canadians to be allowed to possess.

They will continue to reference the American firearms experience, and use the images of “Rambo” and the “militia movement” to influence policy makers and government to legislate against black rifles.

National Firearms Association was formed in 1978 in response to the Liberal Bill C-51 which among other things started firearms reclassification. Many of our members are machine gun owners who got caught up in the effects of Bill C-51 and had their property confiscated, or devalued and made useless by the “grandfathering” process that was imposed.

Today, a large part of our membership are owners of handguns and semi auto rifles. They were joined in 1995 by many hunters and target shooters who became alarmed by the impostion of mandatory firearms licensing and universal firearms registration.

NFA is a large organization that must represent a broad range of firearms owners interests and issues.

Our advice is this: Owners of firearms specific to black rifles or military style semi auto rifles should organize so that thier issues can be heard in the upcoming legislative process on firearms law reform.

Experts, industry representatives and competative black rifle users must step forward to be part of that process and establish the legitimacy of the lawful ownership and use of these firearms.

NFA will continue to represent the interests of black rifle owners, as well as all firearms owners, but a dedicated response is also warranted here.

If you are such an individual, please contact me so that you and other black rifle owners/users can be part of the upcoming legislative process.

Blair Hagen
Executive Vice President
Canada’s National Firearms Association

Helping the Conservatives win a majority was the first step in reforming the firearms laws in this country to become effective and fair for those who practice lawful ownership.