Who was in the air on D-Day?


The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) had 42 operational squadrons overseas on D-Day—June 6, 1944.

These 42 also included a Home War Establishment unit, 162 Squadron, which operated Canso aircraft; it had been “loaned” to Royal Air Force (RAF) Coastal Command. Of these 42 squadrons, 39 have the “Normandy” Battle Honour, meaning that they took part in combat operations either on D-Day or during the subsequent campaign.

Hundreds of Canadian aircraft were in the air on D-Day and thousands of RCAF men and women served in Canadian or other Commonwealth units. Of the 23 Canadian airmen who were killed on D-Day, seven served with RCAF squadrons. The remainder served with RAF squadrons and units. Read the rest of the article . . .