Wanstall’s Online – Auto Ordnance Non-Restricted M1 Carbines


Wanstall’s Online has a new shipment of Auto Ordnance Non-Restricted M1 Carbines for the cool price of $899.99

American-made commercial M1 carbine clones with an 18.6″ barrel to cross the Canadian limit for non-restricted classification! These rifles feature GI sights and are compatible with nearly any USGI parts for replacement or “cool factor”. Firing the .30 Carbine cartridge, a 110gr projectile going about 2000fps, these carbines still pack quite a punch. The M1 carbine remains in use today with numerous east Asian militaries and the Israeli Defense Force, over sixty years after its inception as the most produced US military weapon of WWII. The M1/M2/M3 family was issued and used all the way into the Vietnam War by every branch of the US armed forces.

Auto Ordannce Non-Restricted M1 Carbine