Tactical Imports – Scorpion “SMG” $999


Wow, this is surely something to jump on. For years collectors have resorted to paying $1500-$2500 for these rare units, now Tactical Imports has done it again and brought in a bunch for the low price of $999. We imagine these will move pretty quickly and can only hope to get our hands on one at some point.

Here are the details from their site.

Details:The Skorpion is back! The world famous Skorpion SMG is available again exclusively by Tactical Imports.

The Skorpion submachine gun was developed in the late 50’s as a personal sidearm for army staff, vehicle drivers, armored vehicle personnel and special forces. It has seen widespread use across the globe and is still in use by countless military and police forces. The Skorpion is straight blowback operated; firing from the closed bolt. The Skorpion is very compact; utilizing a telescoping bolt assembly that wraps around the barrel.

The M84 Skorpions are out of production and there are a limited number left from factory stock. Once these are gone there will be no more Skorpions coming to Canada. Act quick!

Factory new. Comes with x2 5/20 magazines, x1 5/10 magazine, holster, magazine pouch, cleaning kit and manual. In stock now and ready to ship. Restricted class.

Features:•Orginal Skorpion caliber with curved magazine
•Folding stock
•Chrome lined barrel
•Compact design
•Steel reciever and components

Specifications:Caliber: 32 ACP
Effective Range: 150m
Magazine Capacity: 5/10, 5/20
Method of Operation: Blowback, Closed bolt
Length with Stock Folded: 270mm
Length with Stock Extended: 517mm
Sights: Adjustable front post, flip-up rear sight
Barrel Length: 115mm
Sight Radius: 148mm
Weight: 1280g