Summer Fire Safety


Campfires, fireworks and barbeque grills are especially enjoyable during summer social gatherings. Those popular seasonal practices share one common essential element: fire. In that sense, learning about the basics of fire safety is imperative before playing with flames.


Firstly, when dealing with outdoor campfires, verify open-air burning restrictions with local authorities beforehand, and make sure that there are no strong winds. Build the campfire in designated fire pits or on sand to keep the flames from spreading. Beware of nearby materials like overhanging trees that could easily light up, and keep a safe distance from your fire at all times. Camp fires should always be kept a small manageable size, and they should never be lit up by the means of gasoline. Also, teach your kids about fire safety and always supervise them when they are close to the pit.


Secondly, informal neighborhood or family fireworks are known for being very dangerous. They are not recommended by fire safety services and should always be handled by professionals. That being said, recreational fireworks can still get purchased by unexperienced and untrained individuals. If you still choose to light up recreational fireworks, make sure you are aware of the local regulations surrounding their use. Light one firework at a time and only spark it when it is on the ground. You should never light a firework out of your hand, nor should you try to spark it again once it has combusted. Once you are done with the fireworks, wait 30 minutes and soak them in a bucket of water before disposing of them in a metal container.

Barbeque Grills

Finally, all barbeque grills should be used outdoors, and positioned away from combustible objects. Don’t forget to periodically verify your propane tanks and lines to avoid leaks and damages. Also, make sure to regularly remove grease build-up in catch trays to prevent it from igniting.

Remember, fires are fun as long as they are safe. Enjoy!