Shadow Force


Shadow Force is a training company out of Calgary, Alberta. They offer a variety of courses for both military and civilian personnel.

The following has been taken from their website

Shadow Force is a Calgary, Alberta based firearms and combative training company dedicated to providing the highest level of specialized training to Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, and Security Contractors, as well as to Responsible Citizens and Corporations.

Shadow Force instructors comprise individuals with a broad spectrum of training and experience in military operations, law enforcement, personal protection services, and civilian consulting. Shadow Force instructors are not only trained and certified in tactics, firearms and combative disciplines, but also experienced at delivering effective instruction to a variety of professional and serious, like-minded civilian participants.
Shadow Force instructors’ training never ends and they regularly seek out continued advanced training in their fields from well-recognized national and international experts & organizations.

Shadow Force strongly believes in growing and developing their own Mindset and Skills while helping You build Yours.


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