MDT Tac 21 At the Range


Yesterday we got the opportunity to test out the production model of MDT’s Tac 21 chassis for the Reminton 700 series rifle. The chassis handles both .223 and .308 and patterns the bolt action precision rifle after the AR15 series rifle. The Tac 21 offers a full picatinny rail on the top for mounting optics, night vision, and laser systems as well as on the sides and bottom. It even has a small piece of rail to attach iPhones and iPod touches which is a great feature considering the wide number of ballisitc apps that can be found for these two devices.

This rifle is sweet and comes at an amazing price point. Talking with those involved in it’s production they tell us this is just the beginning and they have lots of plans to expand and offer a variety of new things in the future, as well as teaming up with some really big names.

For more information you can visit their website. Modular Driven Technologies