Gun Owners of Canada’s “I need a Upgrade BADLY !!! Contest!!”


Gun Owners of Canada Presents the;

I need a Upgrade BADLY !!! Contest!!

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Here’s the Deal!!

Show us the Reason why you need to upgrade that AR-15 Style stock!! and we might just do it 

From Jan 11, 2013 to Jan 18, 2013 GOC members will be able to post the reason why they need to upgrade their AR-15 Style stocks.

On Jan 19, 2013 we will judge all entries and the Top reason will get an upgrade.

Questions? and standard stuff

-No it doesn’t have to be an AR 15, but it has to use an AR -15 style stock.

-All registered members are entitled to 1 entry regardless of referrals, post counts etc. (duplicate entries, accounts, etc will be removed)

-Standard rules of the forum Apply (so tasteful pictures people)

-Standard members can apply (sorry no dealers, or moderators <- going to hear about that one lol)

The Prize????

Oh yeah the prize I guess I should tell you what you could win!

Vltor IMOD: Improved Modstock Clubfoot in Tan or Black (winners choice of color)

New for 2010, the introduction of the Improved Modstock, appropriately named the “IMod”. Since 2002, the original Modstock has become well known and respected by Military, Law-Enforcement and sports shooters worldwide. Even though the Modstock is considered the best on the market, Vltor believed it was time for improvements. The improvements are subtle but necessary. Feedback from end users will make the IMod the choice over the competition.

When compared to the original Modstock, the IMod series is now available to fit either the Milspec or Commercial diameter receiver extension/buffer tube. Unfortunately, the IMod will not fit both receiver extensions, so when ordering, pick the correct item and part number.

Like all Vltor stocks, the IMod is available in the three most popular colors; Black, Flat Dark Earth (tan) and Foliage Green. As with the original Modstocks, the IMod is offered in the conventional, “Standard” configuration and the unconventional, “Clubfoot” configuration. Even though the Standard model is the most well-known model amongst the shooting public, the Clubfoot version is a hybrid model that bridges the gap between tactical and prone shooting positions. In other words, the Clubfoot portion of the stock allows the shooter, with his/her off hand, to support the stock and to control the rear of the weapon, while shooting in prone or rested position.

The improvements of the IMod are as follows: Integral, but removable non-slip buttpad (color matched to stock components)

Rolled/angled buttpad toe with wide traction area. This will assist in running the stock high on shoulder, making the IMod system more user friendly when using web-gear and/or body armor.
Improved lock paddle, making it easier to operate and making the contact surface non-slip when operating the lever.
Removed most sharp edges that may cause “snag points” to web-gear or other vital equipment.
Improved strength throughout construction of the stock chassis. This will provide maximum strength during “Mortaring exercise” or unexpected impact.
Integral, but removable non-slip buttpad (color matched to stock components)