DT News: Exercise TAZ RUNNER and registration is now open for the Navy Bike Ride!



(S) In this episode we highlight exercise TAZ RUNNER…

(J) … and gear up for the Navy Bike Ride.

(S) Exercise TAZ RUNNER is an annual exercise held at 19 Wing Comox in British Columbia.

Intended to help meet training requirements for all Canadian Armed Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians, we recently spoke with Captain Ed Jensen to learn more about this annual exercise.

(Capt Ed Jensen) Exercise TAZ RUNNER is targeted at EOD, which is Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians. Specifically in the field of IEDD, which is Improvised Explosive Device Disposal.

These technicians are coming from across the country from Army, Navy, and Airforce bases. And they’re gathered here to practice their skills.

I’m working in the Tactical Operations Centre and I’m also here as a representative of the Joint Counter Explosive Threat Task Force, or JCET, who are the senior EOD authority in Canada.

To me, the biggest value in this exercise is the sharing of knowledge, tactics, techniques, and procedures. What we call TTPs, are evolving, they’re dynamic and everybody has a different lesson they can teach on this exercise. When everybody goes back home they’ve learned from everyone else’s experiences and they’re able to be a better operator and it’s just another tool in their toolbox.

(J) Registration is now open for the third annual Navy Bike Ride happening on June 8th.

Come join members of the Royal Canadian Navy and their families for this fun event open to cyclists of all skill levels and ages.

Although the main ride is happening in the National Capital Region, several shadow rides will also take place across Canada. Bike trailers, child seats, and trailer cycles are all welcome at this non-competitive ride!

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Support Our Troops programs and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund.

For more information, visit the related link.

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