DT News: Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, CAF members improve their marksmanship skills, and the Deputy Minister’s Speed Empowerment Event



(S) Throughout Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, Defence Team members are invited to participate in a series of workshops, wellness fairs, fitness classes, and other events geared towards building a physically and psychologically healthy workplace for everyone.

(P) Defence Team members are also encouraged to check out the Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month intranet page for a calendar of events, and to learn about the variety of resources available to improve personal well-being, and build and sustain a healthy, safe workplace.

(S) Have you ever wondered how Canadian Armed Forces members improve their marksmanship skills? This year’s Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration, or CAFSAC, is just one of the ways designed to enhance small arms proficiency.

CAFSAC recently took place in Ottawa and included soldiers from the CAF, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

From service pistols and service rifles to light machine guns, new and experienced shooters tested their skills.

The Concentration also included individual and team-based Army skills matches, a military biathlon, a series of traditional and dynamic shooting ranges, and a night shoot.

(S) Bravo Zulu to Corporal Dave Ferguson from the Primary Reserves and Corporal Samuel Turpin from the Regular Force, awarded the Queen’s Medal as the top scoring shooters for their respective groups.

(P) Congratulations to Corporal Patrice Ouimet who was awarded the Shannon Wills Trophy as top scoring shooter from the Canadian Rangers.

(S) Before we go, are you a woman on the Defence Team who wishes you could pick the brains of some of the amazing women who have advanced their careers within security and defence?

Well, now’s your chance!

(P) On October 10th, Deputy Minister Jody Thomas is gathering an exceptional group of senior leaders from across Defence and the public service to join her for a two-hour speed empowerment mentoring event in the National Capital Region.

(S) Be sure to follow the CAF’s social media channels on October 9th to submit your questions for these leaders as part of a special online Ask Me Anything and follow along on the 10th to see your questions answered!