DT News: another year is in the books for exercise MAPLE RESOLVE.



(N) Another year is in the books for one of the Canadian Army’s largest, most complex training events – exercise MAPLE RESOLVE.

Held each year in Wainwright, Alberta, the exercise confirms high-readiness of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

(KF) Training modeled real-world, modern conflict. This included major offensive and defense operational scenarios against simulated hostile forces, but also delved deeper into scenarios involving an entire mock village. Professional actors played residents and media representatives in these environments.

(N) Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE provides an opportunity for participants to hone and integrate a full spectrum of operations alongside allies from other environments and the 4 other participating countries.

(KF) Before we go, Minister Sajjan announced the construction of the fourth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship in Nova Scotia earlier this month.

(N) This ship, the future HMCS William Hall, is part of a series of six ships to be built for the Royal Canadian Navy as outlined in Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged.

(KF) This new class of vessel is designed to support offshore international operations and patrol Canada’s waters and northern regions.