DND/CAF Data Strategy sets the course for a data-centered approach to the business of Defence


Following consultations across National Defence, ADM (Data, Innovation, Analytics) has launched the Defence Data Strategy (internal link). The Strategy is grounded in the modernization objectives laid out in Canada’s defence policy, and will help transition the Defence Team into a disciplined data culture to enable a new era of evidence-based decision-making.

In the face of the changing nature of conflict in an increasingly data-driven world, the DND/CAF Data Strategy sets out the following objectives:

  • Manage data as an asset and institutionalize data governance;
  • Provide the tools and environment to allow all Defence Team members access to data they need;
  • Build data literacy so that Defence Team members can use data to create value for DND/CAF; and
  • Create a culture where data are leveraged in all decisions, and all personnel are held accountable for their role in managing data.

For more information on the pillars identified in the Strategy, including an implementation roadmap, visit the DND/CAF Data Strategy Intranet page.

For information and resources about data, analytics and innovation, including training opportunities, visit the ADM(DIA) Intranet site.