Desert Tactical Arms @ The Shooting Edge


JR from The Shooting Edge announced over on CGN a couple weeks ago that they are now a distributor for the well known Desert Tactical Arms. Desert Tactical Arms is well known in the precision rifle world for it’s bullpup bolt action design, which allows for longer precision barrels while maintaining an overall compact rifle.

Shooting Illustrated took this rifle up the side of a mountain along with a whole other whack load of awesome gear.

Pricing is as follows quoted from JR’s post.

Desert Tactical Arms – Retail Price Guide
As of February 1st, 2011

Stealth Recon Scout – Deployment Kit (Canada) Retail Price

SRS388 .338 LM Rifle Complete $6,699
SRS300 .300 WM Rifle Complete $6,699
SRS308 .308 Win Rifle Complete $6,499
SRS243 .243 Win Rifle Complete $6,499
SRS308COV .308 Win Rifle Complete – COVERT model) $6,099

Kit Contains Rifle Complete with 1 magazine
Spare Magazine x 1
Muzzle break
Cleaning kit x 1
Operator’s tool kit x 1
Harris BR bipod x 1
ADM Bipod adapter x 1
USMC Spec Sling x 1
Soft case/shooting mat x 1
Full length cleaning rod
Monopod (not avail on COVERT)
Scope Mount
Rail covers

***Rifle Chassis Available in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth***

Conversion Units Retail Price
SRSCU338 .338 LM Conversion Unit $1,999
SRSCU300 .300 WM Conversion Unit $1,899
SRSCU308 .308 Win Conversion Unit $1,699
SRSCU243 .243 Win Conversion Unit $1,699

Conversion unit includes: Barrel, bolt and 1 magazine

Accessories Retail Price
Muzzle break – alone $219
Muzzle break – installed $299
.338/.300 Magazine $129
.308/.243 Magazine $129
Scope base (w/rings) – 34mm $229
30mm ring reducers $49
Tool Kit – torque wrench, adapter & multi-tool $199
Cleaning Kit w/Bore Guide $99
SRS Operator Maint Kit $399
Monopod $399
USMC Spec Sling w/Swivels $119
Bipod Adapter $49
Replacement barrel .338/.300 $1,349
Replacement barrel .308/.243 $1,219
Barrel Extensions $399
Rail covers (package of 3) $39

Soft Case/Shooting Mat $425

The Shooting Edge, Calgary, Canada: All prices subject to change