Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan


In a recent article by the National Post, Carlie Sheens most recent TV appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight is summed up as a discussion on Lance Armstrong And gun control. Son of award winning Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen known for his off air antics almost to the extent he’s seen on air success. The ex-drug addicted playboy had a meltdown in 2011 following his dismissal from the hit TV series Two and a Half Men. In 2009 he was arrested and charged after reportedly assaulting his then wife Brooke Mueller.

In the National Post article Sheen is quoted as saying:

“I have a security team that’s pretty well armed.”

Well that’s nice for some of us that can pay the salaries and benefits of an entire team of armed security personnel. The overwhelming vast majority of us can’t, even those that might be considered rich by Obama’s $250’000 salary benchmark, likely can’t employ just one private armed bodyguard. Charlie Sheen’s arrogance and elitism, illustrates just one reason why the opinions of Hollywood actors, actresses, singers, producers, and directors fail to resonate with the general public. It also plays into the fading out of Charlie Sheens relevance in Hollywood.