CFB Halifax Highlights 2019 NDWCC Volunteers


Corporal Clark

Corporal Cheryl Clark is currently awaiting training as an Imagery Technician at Formation Imaging Services and is thrilled to be part of the NDWCC team. Not only did she donate to the campaign this year, as she normally does, but she also decided to volunteer. She believes the NDWCC is a great way to reach people in need and to have impact on a larger scale. The raffles and other fundraising activities that foster engagement and involvement in the cause keep her motivated. Her NDWCC 2019 goal is to reach 100% of those involved in her unit to raise awareness and increase donations. Outside for her official duties, Cheryl is involved with the Shearwater Scuba Club as their membership coordinator. Well done, Cpl Clark!

Corporal Chan

Corporal Chan is an ATIS Tech currently working for BIS NCS Rx, providing communication support to operations. For the past three years, Cpl Chan has been involved with the NDWCC. She is an innovative thinker who creatively finds solutions to increase donations and believes in the cause because it provides support to so many people in need. Cpl Chan’s personal goal for this campaign season is help create the best Escape Room yet for the NDWCC! She is also the president of the BIS Community Group, with the goal of boosting morale within the unit by planning events throughout the year. Outside of her official duties, Cpl Chan volunteers at schools across the HRM for the Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success program. Thank you for your service, Cpl Chan!

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