Canstar Arms Development Corporation


Looks like yet another new Canadian gun manufacturer has dropped onto the scene. They look to be developing a very nice line of firearms and we’re excited to see if they can live up to their claims on their ‘About Us’ page. Canstar Arms Development Corporation‘s website says the following:

We are a gun manufacturer, Over the next few months we will start to produce an exciting and large variety of guns.
This is a little of what is available:

  • CS .50 BMG Single Shot Rifle (Pegasus)
  • CS .50 BMG Semi- Automatic Mag-Fed Black Arrow
  • CS 1911 Pistols Forged Frame, Slides And Barrels Offered In Calibers Of 9mm and .40 S&W, And .45 ACP
    • CS DA .45 LC/ .410 GA Revolver (The Punisher)
    • CS Pistol DA Tactical in 9mm And .40 S&W
    • CS .338 Lapua Semi-Automatic, Tactical Rifle


Dealer Inquires are welcome.

We take Visa, Mastercard, Wire-transfers and Money Orders.
*Applicable fees will be charged.

All guns will be tested before leaving our facility (New and Used), All guns will come with a test tag and will include a minimum of 2 spent shell or brass casings that were fired from the gun.

We are always looking for good used guns.

Thank-You from the Canstar Team.

If anyone has any information about this new company and the people who might be behind it, shoot us a email at [email protected]